UK Apprentice Lee Throws Sickie On First Day

July 3, 2008 by  

THE winner of BBC show The Apprentice has infuriated his new boss Alan Sugar by calling in sick — on his first day.

Winning contestant, Lee McQueen, was due to start work yesterday for the tycoon but was a no-show.

A source at the show said: “This will make Sir Alan really cross because he hates being let down. Lee was really keen to start work but he felt he wasn’t up for it and had to stay at home.”

For his first day, he was supposed to help develop digital display advertising screen at Sugar’s holding company, Amshold which is located in Essex.

A company spokesman said: “Lee is at home with a virus. He’ll be starting work as soon as he is feeling better.”

This will leave Lee in a new job nightmare by already being on a bad footing with the boss.

Except in this case his boss is the notoriously short-tempered and extremely rich Alan Sugar.

Lee beat 15 other contestants in the popular BBC show to land the €130,000-a-year dream job with tycoon, Alan Sugar.

In an interview with the BBC website McQueen even broached the subject of his first day.

When asked if he was nervous about his first day working for the intimidating entrepreneur he said: “I’m not nervous, I’m confident. I’m really pleased that the job I will be doing is testing the skills that I learnt on The Apprentice, and teaching me new skills based around how to set up a business and how to run an organisation, so I’m more excited than nervous.”

The show ran over 12 weeks and received over 20,000 applications so Lee has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.

He was most notable in the show for having lied on his CV saying that he attended college for two years, when in reality he had left after only attending for just over four months.

This led to calls for Sugar to fire him but the boss stuck to his guns and hired the fellow Tottenham Hotspurs fan.

Lee used to work as recruitment sales manager making the choice of lying on his CV even more unfortunate.

Apparently, even British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown was shocked by the choice of Lee as ‘The Apprentice’ and urged people not to lie on their CV as the truth “always comes out anyway.”

Sugar may now be wishing he chose Dublin entrepreneur Jennifer Maguire (27) who was eliminated near the end.

In a recent interview she said that Sugar couldn’t handle fiery Irish women and she believed that may have contributed to her being fired from the hit television show.


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