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The Apprentice Ireland selection panelUnless you live in a cave, you’ll know that the hit TV show The Apprentice is coming to Ireland. TV3 announced recently that the Irish version of The Apprentice will have Dr. Bill Cullen in the Trump/Sugar role.

The Apprentice Ireland Blog will act as a portal for all the news, views and comments about the Irish version of The Apprentice franchise

Love it or hate it, The Apprentice has proven a massive hit worldwide. The multi award-winning show started out in the US in 2004 with Donald Trump at the helm but quickly made its way to UK shores where it became one of the highest-rated TV shows of its kind, attracting audiences of over seven million at its peak.

Now it’s our turn, as The Apprentice Ireland gets under way. The search is on to find 14 suitable candidates to take part in the show here (although the deadline for applications closed on 24th June 2008).

Well-known Irish businessman Bill Cullen will take on the role of Alan Sugar and offer the winner a six-figure salary as his apprentice.

The candidates will live and work together at a set location in Dublin for 12 weeks. Each week they will be tasked with challenges set by leading Irish brands. At the end of the week they will go before Cullen to find out if they have made it to the next round.

Commissioned by TV3, The Apprentice Ireland in association with Blue Cube will be broadcast in September.

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